AHEAD European Archive of Historical EArthquake Data

  Data Quality Assurance  

The European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data (AHEAD) installation operates under the auspices of the TCS-Seismology work program, and considers the principles expressed by the EPOS Data Policy.

AHEAD data consist of the background information of pre-instrumental earthquakes as derived from historical earthquake research. AHEAD mainly relies on eight regional partners' archives, which supply most of the data, and on data derived from the recent scientific literature. In addition, a special effort is aimed at making accessible macroseismic data points (MDPs). AHEAD privileges published and open access sources of data.

Quality control of the data available in AHEAD is performed according to the steps and the diagram shown below. The procedure includes data retrieval, processing and validation steps, and control points. The uploaded data are prepared, checked and validated to ensure that they conform to the standards and formats used in AHEAD (Locati et al. 2014; Rovida and Locati 2015). Inconsistencies in the data structure are identified through careful quality controls involving both relational database tools and manual revisions. Once the data and metadata are compiled, verified, and made compliant to the FAIR principles, they are made openly available on the AHEAD web portal and through the AHEAD web services. These web services are compliant with the FDSN event, OGC WFS, and OGC WMS standards, making AHEAD data accessible by the EPOS ICS portal.

In detail, the steps of the data publication and Quality Control process are:



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