AHEAD European Archive of Historical EArthquake Data

  Web services  

The following web services are available for accessing AHEAD data.

WARNING: these services should be considered experimental, use with care.
Feedback is welcome, please send bug reports and comments to mario.locati@ingv.it

Service Type of data Service standard Output More info
URL event parameters fdsnws-event QuakeML 1.2 (XML), CSV (text), GeoJson Documentation

Query builder

URL event parameters OGC WFS GML2, GML3, KML, shapefile, JSON, CSV, Ms Excel Documentation
URL macroseismic data
experimental service
(highly compatible with fdsnws-event)
QuakeML 2.0 (XML), CSV (text), Geo-Json Documentation
URL bibliography
experimental service!
custom Dublin Core (XML), RDF, BibTex Documentation
URL gazetteer
highly experimental service!
custom XML Documentation