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Built-in geographical areas

This page list the buil-in geographical areas available in MIDOP.

Please, note that these areas are by no means linked to any particular geopolitical view, it is just a technical solution to geographically subdivide the globe.
Areas are built to balance the need of being able to self-contain earthquakes on a particular region, and the need to avoid too much distortion caused by the UTM projection, the only projection supported by MIDOP.

Geographical areas with a low resolution coverage

Area Geographical code
U.S.usUTM 13 North
South Americasouth_americaUTM 20 South
EuropeeuropeUTM 33 North
Greater Middle Eastgreater_middle_eastUTM 39 North

Geographical areas with a high resolution coverage

Area Geographical code
U.S., Aaleutian Islandsaleutian_islandsUTM 01 North
U.S., AlaskaalaskaUTM 06 North
Canada, West coastcanada_west_coastUTM 09 North
Canada, QuebecquebecUTM 19 North
U.S., West coastus_west_coastUTM 11 North
U.S., centralus_centerUTM 14 North
U.S., East coastus_east_coastUTM 17 North
MexicomexicoUTM 14 North
Central Americacentral_americaUTM 16 North
CaribbeancaribbeanUTM 18 North
South America, Northsouth_america_northUTM 20 South
South America, Eastsouth_america_eastUTM 20 South
South America, centralsouth_america_centerUTM 20 South
South America, Southsouth_america_southUTM 20 South
IcelandicelandUTM 27 North
Atlantic islandsatlantic_islandsUTM 28 North
PortugalportugalUTM 29 North
IberiaiberiaUTM 30 North
UKukUTM 30 North
FrancefranceUTM 31 North
ItalyitalyUTM 32 North
FennoscandiafennoscandiaUTM 33 North
Northern Europenorthern_europeUTM 33 North
MitteleuropamitteleuropaUTM 33 North
AegeanaegeanUTM 34 North
Eastern Europeeastern_europeUTM 35 North
TurkeyturkeyUTM 36 North
MaghrebmaghrebUTM 31 North
EgyptegyptUTM 36 North
Western Africawestern_africaUTM 30 North
Central Africacentral_africaUTM 33 South
Eastern Africaeastern_africaUTM 36 South
South Africasouth_africaUTM 34 South
Middle Eastmiddle_eastUTM 37 North
CaucasuscaucasusUTM 38 North
ArabiaarabiaUTM 38 North
Central Asiacentral_asiaUTM 43 North
IndiaindiaUTM 44 North
Eastern Indiaeastern_indiaUTM 45 North
South East Asiasouth_east_asiaUTM 47 North
China, SichuansichuanUTM 48 North
MongoliamongoliaUTM 48 North
IndonesiaindonesiaUTM 49 North
Eastern Chinaeastern_chinaUTM 50 North
PhilippinesphilippinesUTM 51 North
Japan and Koreajapan_koreaUTM 53 North
Western Pacificwestern_pacificUTM 54 North
KamchatkakamchatkaUTM 57 North
Western Australiawestern_australiaUTM 51 South
South East Australiasouth_east_australiaUTM 55 South
Coral Seacoral_seaUTM 56 South
New Zealandnew_zealandUTM 59 South
HawaiihawaiiUTM 04 South


Geographical areas with a low resolution coverage

U.S., UTM 13N
South America, UTM 20S
Europe, UTM 33N
Greater Middle East, UTM 39N

Geographical areas with a high resolution coverage


U.S., Aaleutian Islands, UTM 1N
U.S., Alaska, UTM 6N
Canada, West coast, UTM 9N
Canada, Quebec, UTM 19N
U.S., West coast, UTM 11N
U.S., central, UTM 14N
U.S., East coast, UTM 17N
Mexico, UTM 14N
Central America, UTM 16N
Caribbean, UTM 18N
South America, North, UTM 20S
South America, East, UTM 20S
South America, central, UTM 20S
South America, South, UTM 20S


Iceland, UTM 27N
Atlantic islands, UTM 28N
Portugal, UTM 29N
Iberia, UTM 30N
France, UTM 31N
Italy, UTM 32N
Fennoscandia, UTM 33N
Northern Europe, UTM 33N
Mitteleuropa, UTM 33N
Aegean, UTM 34N
Eastern Europe, UTM 35N
Turkey, UTM 36N


Maghreb, UTM 31N
Egypt, UTM 36N
Western Africa, UTM 30N
Central Africa, UTM 33S
Eastern Africa, UTM 36N
South Africa, UTM 34S


Middle East, UTM 37N
Caucasus, UTM 38N
Arabian peninsula, UTM 38N
Central Asia, UTM 43N
India, UTM 44N
Eastern India, UTM 45N
South-East Asia, UTM 47N
China, Sichuan, UTM 48N
Mongolia, UTM 48N
Indonesia, UTM 49N
Eastern China, UTM 50N
Philippines, UTM 51N
Japan and Korea, UTM 53N
Western Pacific, UTM 54N
Kamchakta, UTM 57N


Western Australia, UTM 51S
South-East Australia, UTM 55S
Coral Sea, UTM 56S
New Zealand, UTM 59S
Hawaii, UTM 4N


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