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This page let you “publish” your website in its final version. Publishing a website mean that you will create a folder (MIDOP / PUBLISHED_SITES /) containing all the files required in order to load your website in Internet. There are two main publishing areas: one for the “query by earthquake” and the other for the “query by place”. Each part has been divided in publication steps in order to let you better control the publication process. If you repeat one step you will overwrite previously published files: this is useful for updating only those parts that are being updated.
The time required for the complete publication of a website varies based on many factors: the CPU performance of the computer used for the website development, the size of the RAM memory, the number of earthquakes and the number of mentioned places. Also the DEM inclusion will heavily affect the publishing time. Just to have an idea a website containing more or less 1000 earthquakes with 14000 mentioned places without a DEM requires more or less 2 hours on a computer based on a 2 GHz CPU.

The following settings boxes are available:

Time span filter
  • from year
  • to year

Apply the filter

By specifying a starting and a final year all the earthquakes occurred in such time-span will be selected from the list, leaving other earthquakes unselected. This is useful while updating only a sub-set of the entire earthquake catalogue.
Select all
Select none
Select all or unselect all the earthquakes listed in the table.
Earthquake list Contains all the earthquakes listed in the selected earthquake catalogue.
Generate the whole website Generate the final entire website
(HTML structures, catalogues and maps).
Generate the HTML structure Generate all the html files defining the website structure of the “query by earthquake” part of the final website.
Generate the EQ catalogue and epicentres map Generate the earthquake catalogue and its corresponding map.
Generate all the earthquakes selected (maps and tables) Generate all the earthquake intensity map
Generate the HTML structure Generate all the html files defining the website structure of the “query by place” part of the final website.
Generate the place list Generate the list of available places.
Generate all the
seismic histories
Generate of each available place seismic history (tables, diagrams and maps).


Publishing a sub-set of an already published website will result in overwriting the old version and updating it losing all the old content. If you want to keep old files, please backup your data before publishing.


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