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Publishing a new site

Once you are happy with your finely tuned website, you can proceed and publish it.
Click on the control panel “publish!” page and two areas, one for each consultation methods, will appear:

The “Publish the query by earthquake part” is dedicated to the publishing of the catalogue, its map of earthquakes and each earthquake intensity map and MDP tables. The entire process is subdivided in three sub-processes:

The “Publish the seismic histories part” (also previously mentioned in this document as “query by place”) is a three step process:

Each process will show a popup window that will inform you about the generation status.
At the end of the publishing process your website can be found in “PUBLISHED_SITES” folder and will contain everything is needed to work. Copy it to the final web server and that’s it, you will have your macroseismic data points online.
At every publication step process a series of log files are created helping you keeping trace of the parameters used in order to generate the website. Below the description of the available logs:

“Place_lists_generated.log”, contains the complete list of places for which a seismic history has been generated.


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