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QuakeML export

A published website is equipped with a XML file used for storing published data and related information. Its format is a not-yet-standard variant of the QuakeML format [Schorlemmer et al., 2004], expressly extended to include macroseismic intensity data.

The file is stored in the “data / quakeml /” folder of the published site in the “PUBLISHED_SITES” folder.

The purpose of this XML file is to keep in a comprehensive and standardized file the original data, a file that can be used for future uses, for data analysis and exchange between researchers.

The generated QuakeML adopts the macroseismic extension proposed by AHEAD.
You may find the QuakeML BED (Basic Event Description) XML schema with the macroseismic extension at: http://www.emidius.eu/AHEAD/xmlns/QuakeML-BED-1.2.xsd


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