European PreInstrumental Earthquake CAtalogue

EPICA v.1.1 - Data Quality Assurance

The European PreInstrumental Earthquake CAtalogue EPICA v1.1 is the 1000-1899 seismic catalogue compiled for for the European Seismic Hazard Model 2020 (ESHM20) in the framework of the SERA Project (Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe) within European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme. EPICA takes into account the knowledge of European preinstrumental seismicity gathered and presented in AHEAD, the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data. EPICA is the update of the SHARE European Earthquake Catalogue SHEEC 1000-1899 with which shares the same principles of transparency, repeatability, and continent wide harmonisation of data and procedures as described in Stucchi et al. (2013) and Rovida et al. (2022), and summarised in the figure below. The compilation procedure includes different steps for data quality control and assurance. The catalogue is downloadable, under a CC BY 4.0 licence, from a dedicated web portal and through the AHEAD web services for event parameters. These web services are compliant with the FDSN event, OGC WFS, and OGC WMS standards, making EPICA data accessible by the EPOS ICS portal.

Compilation procedure of EPICA version 1.1

Compilation procedure of EPICA version 1.1 (from Rovida et al., 2022)



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